Hairs in the Ether

Well, Laggers, of course I’m still here!  In some sense of it, I suppose.

I have been getting requests for kits, and messages from people-and I do get the ones that aren’t nixed by message capping or simple software.

I do like being able to send hair on to those of you that ask-so I’ve finally set up something I intended to do before?  …But didn’t.

Probably a bad mood.

Anyway, if you are searching for us or our hair kits, and you can’t get in touch with me in-world (or can’t find a pirated copy, as I am sure they are out there), follow the little steps below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you are all having a blast-I know I am missing it!


IM’s cap!  If you have a hair-set you remember, and would like to get it-just copy and paste this into a notecard, fill out the necessary information and drop it to Vessus Candour.  Hopefully, they’ll all go through.  But again, be patient!  I don’t have so much time as I would like to!  If you do not receive some manner of response, do resend.


Date:  XX/XX/XX *Copy/Paste notecard date

Recipient Name:

Hair Kit Request:

Shade Pack Request:

Gifted to (if applicable): 

[Include here any message you wish to convey-I do like input, ideas, and situation!]


Please be aware, this is not a “Free Store”.  Until Lag Designs is set up In-World again, we will distribute hair kits only by request, and only with already created styles.  We can not take custom requests at this time.

*VC – “I do not at this time charge for delivery, as we are back to our bare bones!”

If we begin to recieve numerous requests, we may reset on seller sites such as ____.  For the time, however, if someone would like a kit they have seen before, they are more than welcome to request it.

Bear in mind:  RL time is limited, and requests may not be processed as promptly as in-world Hair Dealers, or as quickly as we were able to deliver in the past. Remember, we are mostly offline, and so operating at a limited capacity.

*VC – “I do hope to re-establish the in-world store, but as you all know, RL can make things a bit difficult!  Thank you all for your continued support and ideas and imagination!  I miss you all, and hope to return to SL when able!”

…”Oh, and be assured, I have hairs running wild in the ether!  I simply have to find the time the strand them!”


Lag Designs Closure

I’ve been weighing this decision the most in the last few months. It was decided the best option last night when discussing it with my partner, and this morning cemented when I saw this notice come through my email:


Two Important Changes to SL Classified Advertising

Dear SL Advertiser,

We wanted to ensure that you are aware of two big changes to the Classified ad program.

Maturity Changes: Previously, advertisers declared the maturity level of their ads. However, to prepare for teens coming to the main grid, we will be using the maturity system used for Search that is based on two factors:

Parcel maturity level

Content of the ads themselves

Advertisers’ declared maturity will still be visible in Viewer 2, but will be informational only and not affect the actual maturity rating for each listing. We are targeting these changes for the week of Dec 13th.

Ad Content Limit: All ads have recently been standardized to 256 characters. To maximize relevancy, new characters limits will help you choose only the most relevant descriptive keywords to help Residents find your products and services. Our testing has shown that this limit increased relevancy and click-through rates for classified ads.

For more information, please read about Classifieds on the wiki.

Thanks for advertising!

Kindest Regards,

Linden Advertising Team

Teen Grid is merging with Second Life? That is news to me, but then again, I have been away for a bit. Funny they sent me a notice about the advertisment fees and set up, and that is how I find out about it – my “Ls”.

That rather decided things for me. Yet another LL decision that I am tired of working around the idocies of.

Changes to the “search” engine was bad for many around me; changes to traffic rules and false readings put many others out.

Linden Lab’s genuis changes made to “XstreetSL” – or whatever they hell they are calling it these days, single-handedly put us down.

I have been maintaining the in-world store as long as possible, removing all other luxurey locations and such – and was seriously faced with the question: “Is it time to close the store?”


I have every time LL made one of these ridiculous decisions they claim helps smaller SL businesses, adjusted, tweaked and fought through it to last a little longer.

I don’t really have the time to reconfigure several years work of worth while guessing what LL considers “relevant”. Or to stay ahead of their next brilliant thought.


I don’t have the patience any more, to be quite honest.


The Teen Grid will bring with it new designers and customers, and a new host of problems. I am sure there is a lot of positive spin put on the merge, and there are most likely people that think it is a good idea – I am not one of them. I never was. Didn’t like it when it was discussed some time back as an idea. We all knew then and there that it was going to happen.


Linden Labs’ “ideas” or “discussions” are masked ways of introducing a scheme they fully intend to go through with.


I will be curius to see when merchant certification is implimented – can’t be far off now.


So, in light of how far Second Life has wandered from it’s ideals? No… I don’t have the patience for it any more. I was some upset to find my RL time taken away from it, but no longer see that as a problem.

What does make me sad is closing down all I did, and to now be removing down the one part and source of SL that I got so much enjoyment out of. Creation, imagings, fundraising, events-I had so much of a creative outlet with Lag Designs, it is painful to shut it down.


But, I can no longer maintain it in this SL environment. I will be removing all items from the online stores, and pulling the store itself up-the gallery and my work space are going with it.


I’ll still be around, and Lag Designs still tucked into my back pocket. 

I’ll probably still muck around with hair in the sandboxes, a building wanderer like I was before I was gifted a little 512 plot by a friend. (Back when people could actually do things like that, if any of you remember. Was also a time you could see a Linden standing somewhere and speak with them like a normal person.)

If things ever settle down here in the RL, as they may, and if I really want to mess with the New Lindes any more, I may set the shop back up.

Currently, though, I don’t really see that happening. I have a feeling that the Golden Age is over for Second Life – for me, almost definately.


On a fond SL note: I can’t see anyone having any reason to lift my inventory, but as I am not trandferring Lag Designs to anyone, or my inventory to any resellers, if you do see our product for sale out there somewhere, be assured it is stolen content. Oh, and do let me know. Not sure what LL does for those kind of things any more (as I never saw them do anything in the past), but it is good to know.


I have several hair kits still sitting in the inventory, pieces from the 2o1o Hair Fair that I was unable to meet the deadlines of.


I’ll probably put one into a box and send it on to the group – one last “Farewell”.


Thank you all so much for all you have helped me with. For your support, and encouragment, and ideas – for conversations and fun – for challenges and dares – for every moment of SL that I will remember most when I look back on this experience. I met so many new friends and talked with so many different people – it was one part of the business that I hadn’t counted on, but wouldn’t have changed for the world.


Thank you all who made Lag Designs what it was.

Sept. 1o, 2o1o

Lag Designs Update


Faithful Laggers!


For those of you that may have noticed, we did not make the Hair Fair this year. Yes, we had intended to, we had donated and reserved our booth, and even had several hair kits in the making – but we were unable to finish our desired set – with our desired result.

Real Life has taken a major role lately, and so I can no longer confirm that we will be releasing hair on a steady basis, or that we will be able to continue the upkeep at the store.

Due to this absence, several changes made in the SL search structure, and mostly due to “updates” in the XStreet SL site that no longer enable our sales, we are having a more difficult time finding the funding necessary to maintain our holdings.

The Disco Volante, unfortunately, will be closed.

Crisis1o is next on the chopping block, and may go very shortly after. I have so much enjoyed hearing from those of you that toured the facility, and found it a fun adventure, but as I am no longer able to compensate the cost, it will have to be demolished! Perhaps, I jokingly reference, as it should be.

I will keep the Lag Designs hair store open as long as possible. It is still, and will always be, my delight to create in Second Life. Of course, when I do have the time for it. I do wish that I had more – do not assume that those ideas and visions are gone, they are still there, just without an outlet!

Thank you all who have supported us through the years. And thank you all who have always given us encouragement and vision!

I will remember and treasure you all!

Vessus Candour

Lag Designs

, Lag Designer


I wasn’t able to get the time to finish all of the work needed for the hair fair this year.  Instead of putting out half-assed anything, I’ve kept everything pulled back.

Unfortunately, Lag Designs will not be participating in this year’s fair. 

I’m disappointed, but must now realize I can’t keep up with the demand in SL while my RL is where it is. 

😦  I realize I’m going to have to make a decision about the store after all.

On the other hand, do be sure to visit the fair – lots of great new things to see and styles to be the first to wear – and to support a great cause!

Sadly but truly

My RL demands are getting a bit – well – demanding! 

In the upcoming month, the Hair Fair [‘1o] is opening, and yes – as you may have noticed – I haven’t been spitting out so many new styles. 

I barely have enough in the works to cover the[ Five New for!]  HF commitment I made. 

It is probably time to confess that Lag Designs may not be able to survive the time test.  I enjoy making hair, and I enjoy being able to share said hair – but I do realize that being unable to contribute, or create, or share, makes the entire process moot.  [Cost of maintenance is beginning to outweigh cost of creation!]  I do not have so much free time as I priorly had, so much time as  I wish that I had again!  I miss the creations, I still have the ideas and visions charging around, but I have no time to tap them! 

Closing down the store would be a hard thing to do, believe me.  I am doing all I can to keep up with the demands of a virtual business as well as real-life-momentum.  

I will do all I can to maintain Lag Designs, believe you me.  I just would like to alert you all to the possibility that I may not be able to maintain this outlet.  Be certain, I would let all know before I did close doors and cap designs.  And do all I could to prevent it!  

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!  It means so much to me, I suspect more than you realise! 

Keep Lagging!

Keep following your dreams!

Time Away

Wow, it’s been a while, Laggers!

Believe me, it’s unintentional!  I wish I had more time for SL these days, but two jobs and full time classes make it difficult. 

The Hair Fair is coming up, as you all know.  Through September 4th – 19th, designers will be featuring new releases and discounts throughout the sims of prims!

We at Lag Designs are getting in gear.  The ambitous five are getting slowly finished.  (One down, four to go!) 

Again, we always donate one hair entirely to the cause – this year, Wigs for Kids is the sponsoring charity.  For more information the 2o1o Hair Fair and Wigs for Kids, check out the offical HF1o webpage and links available on it. 

And on the HF note, a link to a fellow hair designer I happened to meet while getting information… Definately check out Kallisti Burns Dischord Designs.  She was the first to introduce facial-hairs at the fair last year, spicey hair and funky doos, and I can’t wait to see what is being cooked up for 2o1o!

See you all there!

New Release: Frazed

“Frazed” is probably a good name for it for several reasons!  Two of which – the kit was a request from Fraz, and second, my RL is making me feel about that way.

The full kit is available in the store, at the usual debut discount, and is as of now on SLX.